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    LORD, these are the things I ask Thee for today:
Work to do, yet find time to watch the way
A butterfly wings itself through the air
To light upon a flower as it in prayer.

I want to lean upon my garden gate
And hear an oriole call to its mate;
I want to touch the lilacs as I pass
And see cloud shadows moving on the grass.

A story clean I want to read and find
Something to enrich my sluggish mind.
A child I want to hold and see it smile
True friends to talk with me awhile.

Wisdom I want that I will surely need
To help and guide me in my every deed.
And strength to help me in love's bright way
Through trials I know will cross my path today.

Faith I must have to know Thou art near-
Faith that will banish all doubt and fear.
Then when shades of night come slowly down
I'll praise Thee for the lovely things I've

At the cabin

    Twisted, stunted, rheumatic trees
Growing High at timber line
Where storms beat hard
And wild winds blow:
       In quiet dignity you stand
So unafraid
And undismayed
       Supported by some Master Hand.

Storms blow around us humans too,
We stand lonely as do you,
Wounded and bruised,
But so afraid:
       Such lessons of strength with us you share
Dear storm tossed trees
At timber line
       Fighting daily for your lives up there.