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There is loneliness at timber line. Here the sweet companionship of birds, trees and game stops.
No bird song, insect hum or trees vibrating in the wind is there to greet you. All shrubbery is
greatly changed and finally ceases to be. There is nothing to break the cold monotony of rocks,
nothing to extend a welcome.

It is here at timber line that the quaint timber line trees grow, twisted and gnarled, and in the most
peculiar shapes. They grow very slowly up here where the storms are fierce and long, and the wind
has its blustery home every day in the year.

As we look at these beautifully strange old trees with great awe and respect we have the feeling that
they are definitely a barrier to something. At first we can't make out just what it is, then, suddenly,
we realize it is a place where man leaves off his work and the Great Creator takes over alone.