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Quietly, I walked deep into the woods
where I heard the most wonderful sounds:
Wind moving softly through the trees,
Autumn leaves tumbling, hitting the ground

I sat on a log, its bark long gone,
And took off my shoes and hose,
I looked at the sky so friendly above
And twiddled my toes.

Oh, how the birds sand on bubbling breath
As I forgot the world with its fret and care
And stooped to pick a flower
While breathing deeply of pine scented air

At the root of a tree, dead many years,
A campground for chipmunks was busy with play,
A squirrel sat on a lofty limb
And scolded go away! Go away!

A doe with her fawn came down to the stream
And drank to their glad heart's content
Then, lifting their heads and seeing me
Off into the woods they went.

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