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Oh, beautiful rose in my garden grown
Such charm of color and grace
Did the angels grow in you last night
In heaven's most classical place?
Your petals are pink as a baby's cheek,
Your heart is sprayed with gold;
Did the angels grow you in that
City that never grows old?

No, the angels did not grow me,
Nor did they give me my baby pink,
I bloomed late last night in the darkness
With no light but the stars to blink,
From the dampness of rocky soil I grew
And found color for my face,
Oh, weary soul, faint not, you too
May rise from earth's darkest place.







A lovely rose
Grew graceful and tall
And leaned against
My garden wall,
It stretched and stretched
And grew and grew
Till it was over the top
And out of view.

I thought, sometime, I too,
Spirit soaring high and wide
Will cross to see
What's on the Other Side.