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    I worshipped God in the woods today
Beneath a ceiling of limpid blue;
My windows were dark leafy boughs
Where the sun came shining through.

I saw colored draperies hang
From a choir loft of red bud trees;
The song of a bird came as a hymn
On the soft breath of the woodland breeze.

Flowers lifted their offering to God
In purity, white as glacial snow;
A light gleamed down on the narrow trail
And left it all aglow.

My altar was the stump of a tree
Where I knelt on the moistened sod;
The song that came from the little stream
I knew was the voice of God.

The clouds in my valley lifted
As I left my pew in the woods;
My lips sang a song
Then laughed at the world-
My heart told them they could.


    I would walk through an apple orchard
And stop by every tree,
Speaking to each little blossom . . .
And sing aloud with glee

For all the spring's bright sunshine
And all the day's of noon
Are living in each flower
That will pass too soon.

I would walk through an apple orchard
Taking all the beauty in
But there is so much of it
I wonder where to begin.