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    October is my favorite month,
So long it has been so,
Jack Frost swoops down with
                 artist brush
And leaves it all aglow,
Colors are sketched all over
                 the plains
And on our hills so fair,
And rich are we who have eyes
                 to see
October's beauty there.

Unfortunate I would surely be
    If I took no time to see
October's beauty as it bursts
Upon our maple tree.
The beauty will soon disappear
The tree left still and bare
But in my mind I'll not forget
October's beauty there.


    How great any day can be
When love and kindness fill it
As beautifully illuminated
As a new house brightly lit

In busy hours how wonderful
A soft, kind word of cheer
So wonderful its tenderness
Brings a little tear

The tiredness of the hardest work
Is lost at close of day
Because sot, kind words
Make it that way.