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    On Christmas Eve I burn white candles,
This is the reason why
Somehow white tapers softly gleaming
Bring Bethlehem's manger nigh.

I place whit candles in my windows
To thrill the heart of me;
And small candles flame so brightly
Around my Christmas tree.

Glowing wreaths of holly, mistletoe
Hang lovely where they are,
But give me white candles softly glowing
To bring wise men, shepherds, star.

At the cabin

             These woods are mine,
       The spruce, the pine,
And aspen just a few,
       A lovely scene
       Of sparkling green
When summer suns peek through.
       When there I go
       With step so slow
We meet in ecstacy;
       They sway and sing
       As birds on a wing
And thrill the heart of me.

       And in the spring
       When flowers they bring
To make an altar bright,
       Fresh hope they give
       For me to live
Throughout the darkest night.
       With face raised high
       Toward the blue sky
I say a grateful prayer;
       My woods so kind
       In them I find
A peace beyond compare.