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When I was a child, a very young child,
So young that clouds were ships and boats
And every flower talked to me
And family ties were all that love denotes

So young - that snow flakes were big white birds,
And icicles should never go away;
Forked lightening a thing of beauty was
And thunder clouds were witches at play

I wanted to know - why nights were dark,
Why the sun made light for the day,
What made the song in the throat of a bird,
And why didn't the butterflies stay?

What made the chestnuts fall at night
Why did pussy willows wear fur coats
Why did whippoorwills sing at dusk
And what put the bark in my doggie's throat?

I wanted to grow up fast and learn
Why apples red grew on pinkish bloom,
Where the rain came from and how,
Why the outdoors was such a big room?

Now that the years have settled down on me
And I have traveled many lands and seas-
I have found all the answers to
My childhoods little mysteries.