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Dawn breaks quietly like the muted tones
                                of violins,
And sun baked sands are hushed and white as
                                the new day begins;
The desert stirs and wakens and wiggles to meet
                                the hills
With the strength of ages long that never bends
                                to human wills.

The poppies rub their sleepy eyes, put on their
                                gowns of gold
And with verbenas go on parade to see the moon
The mute saguaros hold their silvery bloom high
                                in the air
As the sun tops the mountains, puts gold sunbeams
                                in each actor's hair.

Then a silence, lone and vast, enfolds all the
                                desert land
As when of old the wise men traveled across the
                                ancient land;
A sense of something everlasting fills all the
                                morning air
And the great Creator bids me quiet myself
                                in prayer.
                COMING OF THE KING      
        Across the wind-blown desert sand,
under a cloudless winter sky,
wise men came from far away lands,
bearing rich gifts in aged hands
in answer to a Baby's cry.

Down from the frosty mountain side,
in the hush of the silvery night,
shepherds whose hearts had burst aflame,
went forth to worship One whose name
was Mighty God, Everlasting Light.

Wise men, shepherds, camels are gone,
all things may fade and cease to be,
but love born that night for the King
will be a true and living thing
throughout the long eternity.