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PINE TREES ON A HILL             

Pine trees were friends of mine today
As I walked on a windy hill;
They sang and danced and gave me peace
Against my stubborn will.

I must admit I clutched within
A needless grudge, and wanted to,
But the pine trees lifted thoughts
To other days when the skies were blue.

My grudge was bitter, bitter indeed,
But the pine trees sang it all away;
"Silly to hold a grudge," they
Taunted me upon this windy day.


        What inspiration makes
Your soul so strong
That you can fill the air
With such sweet song?

Does the rain make
Your love song soar
Washed clean and white
As the sycamore?

With clouds so gray
There is no sky
Are you hanging out
Your songs to dry?

From your lovely act
I wish to win
For my own soul
Such discipline,

So that I, too,
When dark clouds spill
Can send my song
Across some lonely hill.