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NIGHT FALLS IN YOSEMITE                                                

    It came silently, softly, the dusk,
And all the trees stand green and stark
The winds forget their whispering
In this great and beautiful park

The darkness comes slowly, faintly,
And slips down among the trees
The sun withholds its golden glow
From all the glistening leaves.

Then my heart beats hurriedly.
In this deep darkening place
I hear footsteps falling
And in the doorway see your face.

TO RAY                                         
IF YOU GO BEFORE I DO                                       

    On sunny says I'll see you come
And tend the garden you so loved
Your brown and tender hands
Will always be well gloved

On moonlight nights you'll sit with me
We'll talk of all the friends we've known
You'll stay till the light of early morn
Forgetting that the night is gone

On dark, dreary days you'll be here
To take me in your arms and kiss
The saddened, tear stained face -
This I would not miss

On spring nights you will come with whispers
Soft as petals falling on the grass
We'll walk the hills and valleys we once knew
Then all too soon you will vanish and pass

Someday, I too will come to death
I know not what it will be
I'll be content if on the other side
You are there to welcome me.