The Weight I Am
By Josh Campbell
Reavis High School 2002

When I think of when I started,
Me 'n Bill eating Egg McMuffins & then we farted.

I don't mean to be conceited,
But still yet I haven't been beaten.
So give me a reason
Why I shouldn't state my undefeated season.

And I don't care who you are,
Whether you like it or not,
I'm gonna take that shot.
And Pick you up off the mat,
You won't have time to react when you're on your back.

I'm gonna finish hard so write your wills,
'Cause I'm gonna run the mills.

I am 135--if I wasn't why would the scale say I am,
Only today 140 is what I weigh,
But for you, 135--that's the weight I am.

Now I get the chip on my shoulder,
I'm coming down on you like a boulder.
I get the edge in my head to build my confidence,
I'm gonna be all conference.

If you don't believe,
You just wait;
If you're tough enough,
I'll see you downstate.

You'll hear my name,
I'll be praised;
'Cause at the end,
It's my hand that's raised.

'Cause I am 135,
Go against me, but try to stay alive,
'Cause I am 135
That's just the weight I am.