Why Are We Doing This?

   Youth wrestling is a contact sport that requires a student/athlete to face an opponent of equal size and age completely on their own. Winning or losing is a matter of individual strength, speed, intelligence and courage

    There is no one else to share the lonely void of discouragement when things do not turn out as intended. The intense feeling of accomplishment can be overwhelming when things go well.

   Wrestling, therefore, makes special demands of it's student athletes with regard to discipline and character. A young competitor who has sincerely devoted the time and effort demanded by the sport, will come away with elevated self-confidence, higher motivation, an increased sense of personal responsibility and greater strength of character. In many ways, wrestling can assist an adolescent in becoming a more responsible adult.

    With all due respect to Vince Lombardi, Winning -- in terms of the final score -- is not the only thing. We coaches believe that every competitor that walks on the mat is a winner. Not just because they have given up several nights a week to train, or because they are spending their weekends at tournaments rather than in front of the TV. But, because when your son or daughter trots onto the wrestling mat, ALONE, to test themselves in front of their parents and peers, they are winners. NO MATTER what the scoreboard says, they are champions and we are always very proud of their courage.

   THANK YOU for your support -- the nights during the week of upset schedules, hurried/missed meal times with the family, constant bus duty to and from practices and meets. THANK YOU for the time you spend during those endless weekends traveling to and from tournaments, sitting in crowded gymnasiums, your boisterous encouragement, and the quiet consolation. THANK YOU for the confidence you have shown us by entrusting your most prized possessions during the long season. THANK YOU for your continued support and commitment to your children -- for the alone YOU are winners, too!