The Value Of Sportsmanship
by Brandon Bocian

Lake In The Hills, Illinois
November 04, 2002

    Practicing good sportsmanship is essential for an athlete while participating in a sport. However, even while not participating in a sport, but taking part in a play, band or school activity sportsmanship is important.

    How well you exercise sportsmanship will reflect on the type of person you are on and off the playing field. Being a good sportsman requires devotion, a good attitude and a willingness to work to achieve your goals. Having a good attitude is required whether you win or lose. A good winner does not brag or laugh, while a good loser does not whine or question the call or the decision. You must be willing to work hard, because if you expect great things without working to achieve them, you may lose out on that one chance at success.

    A true sportsman will always work to his or hers highest level. A good sportsman is always a winner! Win or lose the true sportsman knows he has won just because he had the chance to try. To understand this though, you must not just have a good attitude towards life or a willingness to try, you must also abide by the rules. By not adhering to the rules of the game, you steal the award from the true winner and a cheater is never a true winner and deep inside they know that.

    When people see all these traits in a person, they see them as a true sportsman. This shows trust and honesty and allows others to have confidence in that person. Everyone is a role model to someone else in the world and by exhibiting trust, someone can make a positive difference in anotherís life.