2003 IHSA Individual
Championship Tournament
February 21-22, 2003
at University of Illinois-Champaign
119 A
Ryan Kimberlin (Sr 41-2)
Bishop McNamara
Andrew Nelson (Jr 37-4)
Newman Central
  2nd Place
  Jared Francis (Sr 36-5)
  Orion Brian Lange (So 39-3)
Gibson City Coop
Andrew Griffin (So 34-6) Traver Johnson 3rd Place
Camp Point Central f 5:32
  Traver Johnson Traver Johnson (So 29-11)
Stillman Valley
  d 6-4 4th Place
Traver Johnson (So 26-9) Ryan Kimberlin
Stillman Valley tf 22-4 4:12
  Ryan Kimberlin (Sr 38-2)
  Bishop McNamara
Chuck Pieritz (Fr 19-8) Ryan Kimberlin

f 1:32

  Chuck Pieritz
  d 9-4
Chad Skinner (Sr 21-4) Ryan Kimberlin


  Mike Bock (Jr 33-11) md 15-7
  East Alton W
Brian Lange (So 35-2) Brian Lange
Gibson City Coop f 3:22
  Brian Lange
  d 8-4
Matt Anaya (Jr 28-3) Andrew Nelson
Aurora Central Catholic md-14-1
  Andrew Nelson (Jr 35-3)
  Newman Central
Phil Garbis (So 33-6) Andrew Nelson
Montini d 14-12 O/T
  Phil Garbis
  d 10-4
Phil Miller (Jr 31-5)
Eureka Traver Johnson

Loser first semi-final

  Bye Traver Johnson
  Preliminary loser to 1st finalist f 3:28
  Chuck Pieritz
  Chuck Pieritz
  1st round loser to 1st finalist
  Brian Lange

3rd Place

  Bye d 10-9
  Preliminary loser to 2nd finalist
  Phil Garbis
  Phil Garbis Brian Lange
  1st round loser to 2nd finalist fft
  Brian Lange

Loser 2nd semi-final